History of the Center

The Andrological Unit in the Clinic of Dermatology was formed in 1949 when Professor Gertler had the chair of Dermatology. The first andrological activities of the center were clinical activities and teaching. The research activities have increased gradually since 1972 and the andrology laboratory was officially recognised as the reference laboratory for semen analysis in the former GDR. In 1974 Dr. H.-J. Glander became the Head of the Andrological Unit in the Department of Dermatology. In 1996 the center was certified in terms of a EAA center.

The chair of Urology was officially instituted in Leipzig in 1976. Professor Dieterich was the first full Professor of Urology. Since this time the operative Andrology was intensively developed. In 1996 the chair has changed to Professor Dorschner.

Full name and address of the Center

University of Leipzig
Andrological Unit, Department of Dermatology,
Andrological Unit, Department of Urology,
Philipp-Rosenthal-Strasse 23/25
D - 04103 Leipzig
Tel: + 49 - 341- 97 18440 (Professor Glander)
    + 49 - 341- 97 19000 (Professor Stolzenburg)
Fax: + 49 - 341- 97 18649 (Professor Glander)
    + 49 - 341- 97 19009 (Professor Stolzenburg)
EMAIL andro@medizin.uni-leipzig.de
URL: www.uni-leipzig.de/~eaa