Junior Research Groups: GPCR 2  

Research Groups:

Subproject 1

Detailed GPCR gene phylogeny in vertebrates

PhD-Student: Henrike Indrischek
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Peter Stadler

Subproject 2

The physiological relevance of adhesion G protein coupled receptor GPR133

PhD-Student: Vera Lede
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Torsten Schöneberg

Subproject 3

Elucidation of structural differences between glycoprotein hormone receptors using mass spectrometry-based methods and molecular modeling

PhD-Student: Marcus Nagel
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Ralf Paschke

Subproject 4

Functional GPCR by real-time analysis in 3D cell systems: Screening of Y receptor ligand-coupled toxins

PhD-Student: Dr. Ricco Lindner
Mentor: Prof. Dr. Andrea Robitzki

Subproject 5

Characterization of the Receptor-Arrestin-Interaction

PhD-student: Kerstin Burkert
Mentor:  Prof. Dr. Annette Beck-Sickinger

Subproject 6

Small-molecule inhibitors of STAT3

PhD-student: Christian Lis
Mentor:  Prof. Dr. Thorsten Berg

last update: 20.12.2015