Research group  leaders at the BBZ:  Dr. Ronny Schulz  

Research group
leaders at the BBZ:
Dr. Ronny Schulz


A sustainable treatment of focal hyaline cartilage defects is one of the major challenges of orthopedics and trauma surgery. Novel therapies use autologous chondrocytes, with the disadvantage of two necessary operations. A promising cell source for the treatment of focal cartilage defects is the use of the CD271+ subpopulation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), which can easily be isolated by magnetic-based cell sorting (MACS). The aim of the projects was the development and validation of a gentle, quick, efficient and safe technology to isolate CD271+ MSCs within one single step by using the MACS technology, especially with the automated "CliniMACS® Prodigy" system. This single stage procedure not only will reduce the burden for the patient, the rapid manufacturing process will also minimize the risk of unwanted cell transformation and contaminations.

last update: 16.10.2017 


Dr. Ronny M. Schulz
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