Research group  leaders at the BBZ:  Dr. Ronny Schulz  

Research group
leaders at the BBZ:
Dr. Ronny Schulz

Sheep Model

To translate regenerative techniques into clinical practice relevant large animal models are required. In 2009 Hepp and colleges  established the first defect model using degenerative changes of the ovine femoral condyle. With the help of this model the working group could show that chondrogenic predifferentiation of bmMSC in MACT in vitro influences the repair outcome in vivo significantly by leading to superior histological outcome after 6 and 12 months in a sheep model (Zscharnack et al. 2010). These findings provide supportive evidence that predifferentiated MSC in MACT may facilitate the long-lasting repair of chronic osteochondral defects and could be useful for clinical applications.

last update: 16.10.2017 


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