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Guest Agreement
Right of residence of guest academics without an employment contract


Formalities for guest scientists who have no status as employees and therefore no employment contract with Leipzig University are explained in the following. Should you be working as a new employee with an employment contract at Leipzig University and have questions, please use the German- or English-language manual for appointing foreign personnel in public office.

Guest Agreement

Should you sign an employment contract with the University of Leipzig as a new guest academic, no guest agreement is required, and your status (as an employee) at Leipzig University is therefore clear.

If no employment relationship with Leipzig University exists, the status at the university can nonetheless be legally safeguarded: To do this a guest agreement is required. The application (agreement to grant academic right to hospitality) can be downloaded in German and English. The right to hospitality at Leipzig University is applied for through the form completed by you and by the institution sending the invitation. As soon as the inviting institute knows that you will come, you should sign the documents abroad and then return them to the particular institute. The completed form must, after being signed by the dean of the respective faculty, also be forwarded to the deanery at the Human Resources and Finance Department. Once the necessary documents have been submitted, processing will take at least four weeks. To ensure that the document is available when you arrive, it is crucial that the agreement on granting the academic right to hospitality be submitted as early as possible. The guest makes the application to the faculty without any form. The aim and purpose of the guest residence and the intended use of university facilities must be declared specifically, according to scope and duration. (This is carried out by completing the questionnaire in German and English). The application is to be made in duplicate (one copy with original signatures) together with the signed questionnaire, by the inviting institute or the guest, and submitted to Human Resources and Finance Department for forwarding to the chancellor.

Foreign guests (outside the EU, Switzerland, USA, see List for exemption from visa for travel to the Federal Republic of Germany) require a residence permit in the form of a visa to travel to and reside in the Federal territory. A certified copy of the visa is to be attached by the departmental head or by the departmental board to the application to grant the academic right to hospitality. A residence permit is also required for stays over 90 days, if the visa has not been granted for the entire period of the guest stay.

To be submitted, therefore, are:

The deanery council is the contact at the faculty for properly handling the administrative process “academic right to hospitality”. The chancellor also confirms the approval of the academic right to hospitality following approval by the deanery college. Information about the decision will be sent in writing by Human Resources and Finance Department to the faculty/facility.

(Source: Administrative circular university department no. 7/1997)

Right of residence of guest academics without an employment contract

To apply for a research visa pursuant to section 20 of the Residence Act, guest academics who want to stay in Germany for longer than 90 days or need a visa for entry to the country, require a hosting agreement, which is required by the Foreigners’ Authority. A research visa pursuant to section 20 can be granted if an academic has a grant or capital resources of at least €1,600 per month; see German right of residence for academics from non-EU states. The hosting agreement should also be issued by the supervising professor and sent to the academic abroad, as the latter will often need the agreement to apply for a visa abroad.

Leibniz Card

The electronic, multifunctional Leibniz Card is a new personalized instrument for improving infrastructure for international guest researchers and new international staff at Leipzig University. It proves your affiliation to Leipzig University (identification function) and has the following features:

  • access to the university canteen as a guest researcher (guest price) or as a new international employee (staff price*)
  • user card for the university library
  • Wi-Fi guest access in the university network
  • copy function

* To pay the reduced staff price at Leipzig University canteens you need to be employed at the Free State of Saxony. Unfortunately, this is not applicable for scholarship holders (such as DAAD, AvH, Fulbright etc.).

Here is how you can obtain a Leibniz Card:
Guest researchers need to enter their personal data in the MoveOn guest researcher data base of the International Office. Subsequently, please make an appointment with the Welcome Centre (Dr. Annemone Fabricius/Martha Fromme, Phone 97 32039/97 32069) in order to pick up your Leibniz Card at the Welcome Centre office. Please either upload or bring a proof of your affiliation to Leipzig University (hosting agreement, work contract or guest agreement) when picking up the card.

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