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DFG Projects

Hybrid Reasoning for Intelligent Systems (HYBRIS) - FOR 1513

Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR&R) and, in particular, reasoning about actions, their effects and the environment in which actions take place, are fundamental for intelligent behaviour and have been a central concern in artificial intelligence from the beginning. [...] Read more

Quantitative Logics and Automata - GRK 1763

Both automata and logics are employed as modelling approaches in computer science, and these approaches often complement each other in a synergetic way. In theoretical computer science the connection between finite automata and logics has been investigated in detail since the early nineteen sixties. [...] Read more


Quantifying aerosol-cloud-climate effects by regime - ERC

The goal of QUAERERE (Latin for researching) is a reliable, observations-based, global quantification of these effects, which would also imply a constraint on climate sensitivity and thus climate predictions. [...] Read More

The h-Principle for Fluid Dynamics - ERC

A fundamental problem of the theory of turbulence is to find a satisfactory mathematical framework linking the Navier-Stokes equations to the statistical theory of Kolmogorov. A central difficulty in this task is the inherent non-uniqueness and pathological behaviour of weak solutions of the Euler equations, the inviscid limit of the Navier-Stokes equations. [...] Read More


ScaDS-Competence Center For Scalable Data Services and Solutions

Within the framework of the funding program "competence centers for the intelligent use of Big Data", the Federal Ministry for Education and Research funds the research project "ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig Competence Center for Scalable Data Services and Solutions". ScaDS Dresden/Leipzig was officially launched on 13 October 2014 and has laid the foundations for the creation of a national competence center for Big Data. [...] Read More

HorseVetMed - Telemetric Veterinary Medical Technology

The goal is the development of an open expandable platform for the Diagnose and Therapy support in the veterinary medicine.[...] Read More

GEISER - Smart Data Analytics

GEISER develops an open cloud-based platform for integrating geospatial data with sensor data from cyberphysical systems based on sematic and Big Data technologies. [...] Read More

ASML Electronic Resource Management

The general goal of this sub-project is the development of a scalable, reusable web application for the management of electronic resources in academic libraries in Saxony and beyond. [...] Read More


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Joint Projects

International Max Planck Research School “Mathematics in the Sciences” (IMPRS MIS)

The International Max Planck Research School “Mathematics in the Sciences” (IMPRS MIS) is a cooperation of the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, the Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, and the Department of Physics of Leipzig University. [...] Read more

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