Research funding in the EU  

Research funding
in the EU

Research funding in the EU

The European Union has  increased spending on research funding significantly as part of the Lisbon Strategy. More than 50 billion Euro have been available in the 7th Research Framework Programme (2007-2013), more than 70 billion Euro are available in the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020 - 2014-2020). Hand in hand with that, the number of projects of the Universität Leipzig funded by the EU is also increasing and shall be increased in the future!

Besides the funds, EU cooperation projects are also an outstanding networking tool. Consortia with partners from many EU and also from non-EU countries are a necessary prerequisite for academic excellence in a global knowledge society.

The EU Office advises academics at the Universität Leipzig on all issues connected with Horizon 2020 and assists them from the application through to the reporting.

Tips for potential applicants

  • If you would like to apply for an ERC grant or a Marie Curie fellowship with Universität Leipzig as host institution, we would be happy to support you! Please find more information under Universität Leipzig as host institution

last update: 23.03.2018 


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