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Alumni Family Sorger-Kulka

It's a beautiful, sunny Sunday morning. The foliage growing on the Moritzbastei is slowly turning colourful. In the vaults of the former students club, the Sorger family has met to use their gift voucher to have brunch together. The head of the family, Dr. med. habil. Helmut Sorger, applied for the Alumni Family contest in April. "By looking a little more closely and by counting those family members who worked at Leipzig University – and not only those who studied there –, we would have surely had a lot more than twenty alumni in our family," says Helmut Sorger's wife Dietlind. In their family, graduates from study programmes such as theology, journalism, computer science and biochemistry surround a core of ten physicians.

Nevertheless, Helmut Sorger does not think of his family as a typical Leipzig family whose members study in their hometown for the sake of tradition. His father, Dr. med. Wilhelm Sorger, came from Thuringia. After the First World War interrupted his medicine studies, he finished them in Leipzig and Wrocław. Helmut Sorger himself, grown up in the Vogtland, chose Leipzig as a place to study in 1958 because, in his opinion, Leipzig was "the culturally most interesting city of the GDR." His first wife, Prof. Dr. Karin Sorger, was a fellow student, and his wife, Dr. rer. nat. Dietlind Sorger, met him when they were both students, too. She studied biochemistry in the late 60s and has been scientific staff member at the University Hospital for Nuclear Medicine since 1974.

Their son Constantin studied in Leipzig because of the city's lively atmosphere and his own social network, not because of his parents' influence or any particular academic conditions. Today, he lives and works as an anaesthetist in Switzerland. Helmut Sorger is happy that both his sons spent semesters abroad in Italy and the Netherlands and did not only get to know the countries and their respective people, but learnt to speak Italian and Dutch fluently. He regrets that this was not possible during his years of study.

Sorger's brother, Dr. med. Reinhard Sorger, who studied medicine in Leipzig in the 60s, left the GDR in 1988 and came to Bochum, via Heidelberg. Today, he lives and works in Bochum and Berlin as a psychiatrist.

Even though some of the family members are spread out all over Germany, Leipzig is still the family's centre.

The activities in the honour of Leipzig University's 600th anniversary are a topic of conversation for the family. Helmut Sorger has an emotional bond to the Charles University in Prague, "parent university" to Leipzig's Alma Mater: During his long-time work in the department for Physiological Chemistry of the Faculty of Medicine Halle, an exchange programme used to send him to the Vltava every year for three days, over a period of roughly ten years. He would have enjoyed an anniversary parade with students in costumes and does not understand why the students decided against it. "After all, it would not only have been a grand representative event, but I'm sure that the participants would have had the time of their lives," says Sorger.

You can watch a short film (in German) about the Alumni Family Sorger-Kulka on the video platform "vierzehn09" The film was created as part of the seminar "Web TV: The cross-media future" that was offered by the chair of Journalism II at Leipzig University. The student-produced videos are published on the video platform "vierzehn09".

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