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Leipzig Alumni
International (LAI)

Leipzig Alumni International (LAI) – a worldwide network

Welcome to Leipzig Alumni International (LAI) – the worldwide network of international alumni from Leipzig University.

LAI has been in place as an independent project at the Akademisches Auslandsamt (International Affairs office) of the University since 1998. The purpose of the project is the ongoing development and cultivation of the worldwide network of international alumni from Leipzig University. The network aims at exchanging knowledge and experience while promoting institutional cooperation and maintaining contact between Leipzig University and its alumni. The alumni are kept up to date on the work and developments at the university. Additionally, they can find support for their individual plans in the field of continuing education. By fostering contact to alumni with strong ties to Leipzig University as well as by specifically involving these committed graduates in the work of the university, Leipzig Alumni International wants to make a contribution to the internationalisation of teaching and academic cooperation while improving the representation of Leipzig University both in Germany and abroad.

At present, our network comprises over 2.300 graduates from more than 110 countries. The main regions include both countries with which the former GDR had close ties - such as Russia, Vietnam and Ethiopia - and countries with which the University has had more intensive contact since 1990, such as the UK, France, Spain and the US.

last update: 20.10.2017 


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