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LAI Membership

Service for Members: 

  • You will receive our magazine for alumni once a year. 
  • You will be able to maintain contact with your University after finishing your studies. 
  • You will share knowledge and experience with other alumni, Leipzig University’s employees and current students. 
  • You will receive news about Leipzig University, the city of Leipzig and its surrounding area as well as other alumni. 


  • With your membersip, you support Leipzig University in expanding its worldwide alumni network. 
  • You can participate in developing regional alumni networks by staying in contact with Leipzig University and other international alumni. 
  • You can help recent alumni get back to their home country.
  • By entering into contact with researchers working at Leipzig University, you are actively participating in the global transfer of knowledge. 
  • Scientist-alumni function as LU representatives at research conventions, scientific meetings and fairs. They motivate young scientist and PhD-candidates to come to Leipzig University.
  • By contributing articles to the magazine for LU alumni, you help to maintain the connection between former students of Leipzig University and their alma mater.

LAI Membership

If you want to become a member of Leipzig Alumni International, you must have completed at least part of your studies at Leipzig University. If you have done research at Leipzig University or taught for at least three months, you can optain a LAI Membership as well. LAI Membership is free and applying is easy: You can register online. By returning the completed form, you agree to be registered in the LAI database:membership application form (in German)

last update: 15.11.2017 


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