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General information

Students at Leipzig University receive a student ID in the form of a chip card at the start of their studies. This is their UniCard. Upon presentation of a valid ID card, the UniCard will be issued to the student (or to an authorised person acting on the student's behalf). It is only valid with a current semester imprint. You must get this from a validation station after receiving the UniCard, and renew it every semester. The UniCard combines many functions: you can pay without using cash in the cafeterias and mensas of the Leipzig Student Services, it serves as a photocopy card and library card, and as proof of payment of the semester ticket (MDV-Vollticket).

After your removal from the register of students (Exmatrikulation) the UniCard will lose its functions as a student identity card. You can turn in your UniCard and apply for the refund of the deposit within two semesters after removal from register. However, this is not compulsory.

Semester imprint and locations of the validation stations

Your UniCard is only valid if it bears the current semester imprint, which you must obtain at a validation station each semester. When the green arrow flashes, insert the UniCard into the slot, as illustrated on the machine. The card is drawn in and after about fifteen seconds comes back out with the new semester imprint.

Your UniCard has to be in very good condition to use the public transport! Please make sure that the semester imprint and your photo are depicted properly! Take care, that no foil or overlay peels away from the card‘s surface! Visit us at the Servicepoint UniCard in case you need a new UniCard.

The semester imprint must be updated for the following semester after you have registered according to the rules:

Semester Fee

Semester Ticket: MDV-Vollticket

Locations of the validation stations

  • Goethestraße 6, entrance area (2x)
  • New Augusteum, University Campus (2x)
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy, Johannisallee 29
  • Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum, Beethovenstraße 15

Alma Web: Student Administration System

Alma Web is the campus management system at Leipzig Univeristy. You may access it with the login data you received when enrolling at Leipzig University. In AlmaWeb you can organise your studies but also download and print your documents.

Purse function: Mensa and photocopying

There are two different "purse" accounts on the UniCard: one for the Mensa (dining hall) and one for photocopying. These accounts can only be topped up with cash at one of the designated machines.

Locations of the card loading stations for the copier account

Here you will find a list of all card loading stations for the copier account on your UniCard:

Upload Stations in the University Libraries

  1. Bibliotheca Albertina, Beethovenstraße 6, 2nd floor open access and on the ground floor behind the reception area
  2. Campus Library, Universitätsstraße 3, Kopierraum im EG
  3. Law, Burgstraße 27, 2nd floor in Petersbogen
  4. Sports Sciences, Jahnallee 59, House 2, ground floor
  5. Chemistry, Johannisallee 29, ground floor
  6. Service office of the student photocopying services, Neumarkt 27, opposite Karstadt in Mobilblitz

Print account

Please bear in mind that your printing account does not equal your photocopy purse!

You can load your printing account for printouts in theUniversity Computer Centre by transferring money from your Mensa account. Your money will be secured within the URZ (University Computer Centre), not on your UniCard.

Library card

The UniCard also serves as a library card. Your library number is indicated on the back of the UniCard, it is printed in bold. You need this number to check out books in the various libraries of Leipzig University.

Lost or faulty UniCard

If you lose the UniCard or it is faulty, you can be issued with a new student card. Please come to the Servicepoint UniCard during opening hours and bring your enrolment number with you.

Afterwards, the remaining credit on the Mensa account can be paid out at the Student Service Centre (SSZ), counter 5.

To block the library card please contact the library direct (ausleihe(at)ub.uni-leipzig.de). If you lose your UniCard or it is faulty, no money can be paid out from the copier account.

Any problems with your UniCard?

I cannot use my card at the copy machines although I can pay my food in the Mensa:

Sometimes your copy account can be blocked. Please take your card to the copy machine or upload station you used last time. Should it be necessary, you can also visit the Servicepoint UniCard where we can unblock your account.

I cannot pay in the Mensa with my UniCard although I can use it at the validation stations and copy machines:

Maybe your Mensa account is blocked. Just take your card to the Student Service Centre and have it unblocked by Leipzig Student Service (desk 5).

The photograph on my UniCard gets really pale:

Within these last months we discovered that sometimes photographs on desfire UniCards can fade away. This might be due to plasticizers which are added to see-through protective wrappers or clear plastic windows in your wallet. You can avoid this fading of your photo when you store your UniCard somewhere else.
In case your photograph is already very pale and poorly visible just go to the Servicepoint UniCard and we replace your card for a new one.

last update: 20.03.2017 


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