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Details Erasmus+ Placements

General Info

  • no restrictions in respect to the participant's nationality 
  • funding of voluntary and compulsory placements in the 28 EU member countries + Turkey, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein & FYR Macedonia (except Switzerland & Germany)
  • funding available for students and graduates (within the first year after graduation)
  • funding available for enrolled PhD students
  • free choice of placement institution (only exceptions: EU institutions/ permanent representations of your home country, e.g. embassies etc.)
  • grant according to destination country (30 days = 1 month)

    • group 1: 420,00 EUR/ month

      • Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain

    • group 2: 360,00 EUR/ month

      • Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece, Iceland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey

    • group 3: 300,00 EUR/ month

      • Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, FYR Macedonia

  • start and end date of the placement can be set individually
  • minimum duration: 60 days (= 2 months)

Erasmus+ 'Time Budget'

Participants may use up to 12 months Erasmus+ in each study level (BA/ MA/ PhD), or 24 months, respectively, in case you are enrolled in a Staatsexamen-/ Diploma study course. The budget my be used individually for Erasmus+ (placements and/ or study abroad periods).

Provided that the budget has not been used up, placements can also still be funded during the first year after graduation.



Number of months used for a LLP ERASMUS/ Erasmus+ mobility 

Number of months still available for an Erasmus+ mobility



5 months

1st year after receiving the BA degree


2 months (remaining budget expires after this gap year)



12 months

Application for an Erasmus+ Traineeship


Applications are accepted up until 1 month prior to the beginning of the placement.


  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships

    • please fill in PDF on your computer
    • signatory: student, placement institution, your institute at the UoLeipzig
    • can be handed in digitally to the International Centre
    • please provide a copy each for your placement institution and institute here

  • Registration (online) (use your Uni-Login to access)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to maintenance, the registration will not be available 01.08. (after app. 5:00pm) till 02.08.

  • registration for the Erasmus+ programme
  • fill in, print, sign document and hand in the original form to the International Centre 

  • Erasmus+ Grant Agreement (Placements)

    • contract between you and International Centre
    • print out document 2x
    • sign documents and
    • hand in the original forms to the International Centre

  • Confirmation of Enrolment

All documents must be handed in to the International Centre correctly and in accordance with the deadline.

For traineeships carried out after graduation, please note:

The application needs to be handed in during your last semester, thus, prior to the removal from the register of students. In case you do not been able to acquire traineeship position by then, please hand in the following document instead prior to your graduation:

Letter of Intent

  • signatory: your institute at Leipzig University
  • please hand in the original form to the International Centre

In addition to your last certificate of enrolment, please also hand in a copy of your degree certificate (grades may be blackened).

Extension of the traineeship period

It is generally possible to extend the Traineeship period abroad provided your individual Erasmus+ time budget has not been used up yet and your institute & traineeship institution confirm your application request. 

However, while extension periods can still be supported with the Erasmus+ status, they are otherwise zero grant periods, thus, no additional financial support can be granted.

Applications to extend the stay need to be handed in at least 1 month prior to the end of your stay (as agreed upon in your original Learning Agreement). In case the extension comprises less than 30 days, an e-mail will suffice.

In case the extension comprises more than 30 days, please hand in the following document:

Amendment to the Original Learning Agreement

Completion of the Erasmus+ Traineeship

Please hand in the following 2 documents within 30 days after you have successfully completed your traineeship:

  • Traineeship Certificate
  • Online Report

    • you will receive an e-mail link to complete the Erasmus+ survey by EUSurvey (please check your spam folders)

The documents are the prerequisite for the transfer of your second payment.

Erasmus+ Extra Funding

Students with disabilites are eligible to apply for additional funding within the Erasmus+ Programme.


last update: 25.07.2017 


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