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Study opportunities

Slavic Studies


Master of Arts (M.A.)


Bachelor degree in Eastern Slavic Studies, Western Slavic Studies or teaching qualification for high schools or middle schools in Russian, Polish or Czech or bachelor degree in Slavic Studies with the major foci Eastern, Western or Southern Slavic or successful completion of six Slavic modules commensurate with the recommendations for the elective area as part of a bachelor degree, in which four modules must be allocated to the fields of linguistics, literature and/or cultural history


Slavic Studies is one of the more recent philologies concerned with living languages. The programme comprises the Slavonic linguistics, literature and cultural history required for a master degree, together with intercultural communication based on the acquisition of relevant linguistic ability. During the first semester, the programme introduces students to early history and Old Church Slavic as the joint basis of the Slavic languages, literatures and cultures. In parallel, the area of study is extended to the language and culture of another region. Students can choose between Eastern Slavic Russian, Western Slavic Polish or Czech and South Slavic Bulgarian or Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. During the rest of the programme, the focus is on the chosen languages, literatures and cultures of the present and on modern academic theories describing them, particularly on a comparative basis. Students are recommended to spend a lengthy period in a region where one of the Slavic languages being studied is spoken.

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Master of Arts (M.A.) Unrestricted admission with subject-specific admission requirements W 4 PDF WS 2009/2010

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Academic Advisor

Prof.Dr.habil. Danuta Rytel-Schwarz (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37476

Prof.Dr.phil. Birgit Harreß (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37452

Prof.Dr.phil. Olav Mueller-Reichau (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37470

Dr. phil. Kersten Krüger (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37462

Dr. phil. Christian-Daniel Strauch (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37455

Dr. phil. Anna Artwinska (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37451


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