Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

Art Education


Bachelor of Arts. (B.A.)
Master of Arts (M.A.)


For the bachelor programme: modern foreign language (usually English) B2, aptitude test

For the master programme: bachelor degree required, aptitude test


The programme aims to prepare students for working in art education in the leisure sector and in forms of communication through art in different media. They include, in particular, art education work with children, teenagers and the elderly in out-of-school locations and at leisure facilities, art education work with the disabled, art education work with the new media and the presentation and communication of art work in an exhibition context. With close orientation to actual practice, students acquire the necessary special knowledge and skills in the fields of art education, theory of art, history of art and art production and reception. In this way, they learn to work independently. At the same time, key interdisciplinary qualifications can be acquired, such as strategies of problem solution, forms of communication with a sound educational and psychological basis, presentation techniques and creative handling of the new media.

graduation admission Studies commencing in study period study guide offer since/at
Bachelor of Arts. (B.A.) Unrestricted admission with aptitude test W 6 PDF WS 2006/2007
Master of Arts (M.A.) Unrestricted admission with aptitude test W 4 PDF WS 2009/2010

last update: 19.06.2018 

Academic Advisor

Prof.Dr.phil.habil. Frank Schulz (Bachelor & Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37251


Faculty of History, Arts and Oriental Studies