Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

African Studies (B.A.)


Bachelor of Arts. (B.A.)


knowledge of English B2 plus another language A2


The subject of this study programme is Africa - focusing on sub-Sahara past and present. The aim is to provide students with an interdisciplinary course of study enabling them to gain an understanding of Africa, based on findings and methods from various arts disciplines and cultural and social science disciplines. The core subject comprises 3-4 interdisciplinary modules (African Studies), up to 2 modules with special subjects (linguistics, religions and cultures and/or politics and economics) and 3 modules of practical learning of an African language in common use (Hausa or Swahili), 2 internships and a bachelor’s dissertation.

graduation admission Studies commencing in study period study guide offer since/at
Bachelor of Arts. (B.A.) Unrestricted admission W 6 PDF WS 2006/2007

last update: 26.04.2018 

Academic Advisor

Natascha Bing (Bachelor)


Faculty of History, Arts and Oriental Studies