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Study opportunities

European Private Law


Master of Law


First state law examination or a degree in law from a university in an EU or EEA country after a study programme with a standard length of at least four years, admission subject to special conditions is possible if applicants hold a university degree from a non-European country.


The study programme is scheduled to give German and foreign students with a university degree in law from a European country (undergraduate studies) a deeper academic insight into the practice of European legal relations, in particular the legal systems of European countries other than the one where the student obtained his or her degree, and a greater knowledge of European legal harmonisation, conflict of laws and international procedural law. The study programme is divided into studies abroad, special studies and the examination phase. During time spent abroad, the number of courses appropriate to the curriculum of the host university are to be attended.

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Master of Law Unrestricted admission with aptitude test S 4 PDF SS 2007

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