Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

Classic Antiquity. History and Literature


Master of Arts (M.A.)


Bachelor degree in history, classic antiquity or cultural studies and social sciences, English and either French or Italian B1, other modern foreign languages may be recognised as equivalent by the responsible examination committee on justified application, Latin, students with a specialisation in “Latin Studies” or “Greek Studies”: Graecum, aptitude test


With a bachelor degree with competences in history, ancient antiquity or cultural studies and social sciences, students can extend and deepen their knowledge and abilities in the context of a master programme in Classic Antiquity, History and Literature (Classical Studies). For one core area of modules on Classic Antiquity in general, a group of specialisation modules are chosen from the subjects Ancient History or Greek Studies or Latin Studies, depending on the interests of the student. One component of the programme is an internship in the special collections of the university library, in which an additional qualification can be acquired in either papyrology, numismatics or palaeography.

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Master of Arts (M.A.) Unrestricted admission with aptitude test W 4 PDF WS 2006/2007

last update: 22.05.2018 

Academic Advisor

Oliver Bräckel (Master)


Faculty of History, Arts and Oriental Studies