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The subjects are historical and systematic musicology, musical theory and profession-oriented qualifications. Historical musicology is part of historical and cultural studies. Its main foci are the traditional genres of vocal and instrumental music and the intermedia products in modern art forms that incorporate music. Historically oriented musicology addresses, in particular, creation, notation, appearance, sound reproduction, function and effect of works in European musical history, including their integration into institutional, social and cultural contexts. It also investigates the history of musical theory, music aesthetics, pictorial representation and implementation of music, musical education and its own science, methods, institutions and range of effectivity. Systematic musicology grants integrative and multidimensional access to music as a social, psychological, physical, aesthetic and anthropological phenomenon. It focuses on historic and current system contexts, which can range from sound as the object of perception through requirements of musical theory, forming of aesthetic judgments and psycho-acoustic processing to the cultural operating methods of music. The spectrum of methods includes comparative, empirical-statistical, quantitative, qualitative, modelling, classifying and experimentally measuring processes. Musical theory teaches music-related fundamentals, such as tonsatz, musical practice/listening analysis, form analysis, notational studies, instrumental studies, etc. Tonsatz is divided into harmony focussing on 18th and 19th century, counterpoint focussing on Palestrina style and Bach fugue, and music of the 20th and 21st century or composition. Composition as a subject for students of musicology is an innovation in the German university environment. The profession-related qualifications include, in particular, philological source work, editing and proof-reading, music journalism, dramaturgy and museology.

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