Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

Romance Studies



Option French Studies: French B1

Option Hispanic Studies: no specific specialist qualifications

Option Italian Studies: no specific specialist qualifications

Option Lusitanistic Studies: no specific specialist qualifications

For all options: knowledge of Latin by registration for bachelor’s dissertation


Romance Studies are concerned with the Romance languages, i.e. the languages which have developed from Latin (the language of ancient Rome). They primarily comprise French, Italian and the Iberoromance languages (Spanish, Portuguese), which are also the languages of Central and South America (“Latin America“). The study profile of the Romance Studies programme at Universität Leipzig includes the choice of two Romance philologies at the start of the programme, in which both areas can be studied with equal or different importance. The choice is made from the following combinations:

  • Combination 1: French Studies/Hispanic Studies
  • Combination 2 French Studies/Italian Studies
  • Combination 3: French Studies/Lusitanistic Studies (Portuguese)
  • Combination 4 Hispanic Studies/ Italian Studies
  • Combination 5: Hispanic Studies/Lusitanistic Studies
  • Combination 6: Italian Studies/ Lusitanistic Studies

The programme aims to provide students in each of the philologies studied an intensive linguistic, literary and cultural basic education and give them a secure command both spoken and written in each of the languages studied. The focus is on the following areas: Linguistics: including history of language, phonetics/phonology, morphology, word formation, lexicology, syntax, text linguistics, sociolinguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies: including epochs, authors, genres, history of literature and media, theories of literature and media, Civilisation: past and present, cultural, political, economic and social phenomena of the two selected language areas, Language proficiency: text reception and oral and written text production of an average and higher level of difficulty in the two selected languages, in which the target level for a proficiency level is at least C1 (French) or at least B2 (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese) of the European Reference Framework. As a key qualification closely related to the subject an internship or taking part of the course abroad can be selected. A longer period abroad in the relevant language areas is strongly recommended in any case.

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Academic Advisor

Dr. phil. Cornelia Döll (Bachelor & Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37439

Prof.Dr.phil. Elisabeth Burr (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37413

Prof.Dr.phil.habil. Uta Felten (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37420


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