Study opportunities  

Study opportunities



Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Master of Arts (M.A.)


For the bachelor programme: English B2 and another foreign language A2

For the master programme: Bachelor’s degree with core subject / major focus sociology, usually with 90 credits but at least 60 credits in sociology or completion of a programme recognised as equivalent, English B2, another foreign language A2, Aptitude test


The consecutive master programme is designed to be research-oriented. Its content comprises the following areas: 

  • Multivariate analysis processes,
  • theory formation and hypothesis derivation, 
  • domination, social control and divergent behaviour, 
  • globalisation, Europeanisation and social security, 
  • social structure in a process of change, markets, organisations and institutions, and 
  • a research seminar.

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Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Local restrictions on admission W 6 PDF WS 2013/2014
Master of Arts (M.A.) Local restrictions on admission with aptitude test W 4 PDF WS 2009/2010

last update: 19.03.2018 

Academic Advisor

Beatrice Tutic-Fischer (Bachelor & Master)
phone: +49 341 97-35650


Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy