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Study opportunities

Sports Management


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Master of Science (M.Sc.)


For the bachelor programme: practical sports aptitude test, medical certificate

For the master programme: English B2, aptitude test


This interdisciplinary bachelor programme covers economic and science management and sports science to give students sports management skills. Economic and science management studies qualify students to analyse economic processes in companies, and to apply fundamental technologies for planning, organising and implementing management measures. Acquiring behavioural scientific, sports medical and scientific training knowledge will impart basic sports science skills. Through scientific and vocational studies in sports management (sports marketing, sports market research, projects, management of clubs and events) economic and science management and behaviour-oriented sports science are linked so that graduates are qualified to work in management and administration in for-profit and non-profit organisations in sport.

The master programme is oriented to graduates of the bachelor programmes in sports management and sports economics. Graduates of bachelor programmes in economics and science management or sports science can gain access to the Sports Management master programme by acquiring and providing proof of relevant additional qualifications. In-depth course content in economics and science management, oriented to management science, research-oriented sports science studies and exploration of market and organisational fields qualify graduates for academic work in the sports market and in management of for-profit and non-profit sports organisations.

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Local restrictions on admission with aptitude test W 6 PDF WS 2009/2010
Master of Science (M.Sc.) Local restrictions on admission with aptitude test W 4 PDF WS 2009/2010

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Academic Advisor

Sandy Adam (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-31632

Dr. phil. Alexander Hodeck (Bachelor)


Faculty of Sport Science