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Study opportunities



Bachelor of Arts. (B.A.)


Proof of skills in the language selected as the core subject: English B2 or French B1 or Russian B1 or Spanish B1, aptitude test


For the bachelor degree in Translation, one of the following languages can be selected as the student’s core subject (90 credits including bachelor’s dissertation): English, French, Russian, or Spanish (“B language”, i.e. foreign language of which the student has an active and passive command).

In the selected field (60 credits) six modules are taken, for which there are three models:

a) translational “major” selected field, i.e. all six modules are taken in a second B-language (English, French, Russian, or Spanish).

b) Translatorial elective area, i.e. three modules with a further language option (C-language, i.e. foreign language for which the student has a passive command) supplemented by a further three modules from the elective subjects offered by the university.

c) Non-translational elective area, i.e. six modules from the entire range of elective subjects offered by the university. In the key qualifications (30 credits), a key qualification within the subject and one from the cross-faculty non-philological subjects must be taken. The remaining 10 credits can be obtained through internships, a further cross-faculty non-philological key qualification or by gaining linguistic skills in another foreign language.

The programme aims are the acquisition and development of the following skills, proficiencies and abilities: confident use of the means of expression in the working languages, methodical and theoretical knowledge of mastering typical translation problems in a purposeful way, the ability to be able to work independently on academic or practical problems focusing on the specialist and/or professional field, knowledge of the contexts and special characteristics culturally relevant to translating and interpreting, knowledge of tools and methods of working with regard to terminology and lexicography, knowledge of current professional tools.

Students organise a period abroad independently, by completing a semester or year abroad at one of Universität Leipzig’s partner universities, where after consultation they take and successfully complete classes whose subjects will usefully enhance their programme.

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Academic Advisor

Dr. phil. Harald Scheel (Bachelor)
phone: +49 341 97-37618

Dr. phil. Beate Herting (Bachelor)
phone: +49 341 97-37615

Dr. phil. Martina Emsel (Bachelor)
phone: +49 341 97-37623

Dr. phil. Alexander Behrens (Bachelor)
phone: +49 341 97-37622
phone: +49 341 97-37865


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