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Protestant Theology




Latinum, Graecum, Hebraicum (language examinations). Certificates must be submitted no later than on registration for the intermediate degree examination. To obtain the qualifications in Hebrew, Greek and Latin, the standard number of semesters can be extended by a maximum of three.


The degree study programme in Protestant Theology (standard length of the programme 9 semesters) provides the academic knowledge and ability required to practise the profession of a minister in the Protestant State and Free Churches and for professions calling for specialist theological knowledge. For students needing to acquire the necessary knowledge of Hebrew, Greek and Latin during the university programme, the emphasis in the first semesters is on language learning, together with propaedeutic classes. The subjects of the programme are the five classic theological disciplines, namely Old Testament, New Testament, ecclesiastic history, systematic theology and practical theology, together with religious education, philosophy and a special subject (Judaistics, mission studies, Christian archaeology and ecclesiastical art, territorial ecclesiastic history, ecumenical studies and denominational studies, ecclesiastic and religious sociology). Special optional programmes include liturgical studies and Luther research. The programme ends either with the diploma examination held by the Faculty of Theology Examination Committee or with the First Theological Examination of a Protestant State Church in Germany. For students seeking to become ministers of the church, a parish internship and/or a Diakonie (welfare) internship - at the responsibility of the relevant State Church - is required for acceptance in preparatory ecclesiastical service

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