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The law programme is divided into university studies lasting for a standard period of 9 semesters, followed by a two-year internship period. The intermediate examination is taken after the 4th semester and the First Law Examination on completion of university studies. It consists of a state examination covering compulsory subjects and a university examination covering special subjects.

The compulsory subjects cover the Civil Code (including commercial, social and labour law), civil procedure law, criminal and criminal procedure law and public law (with government, constitutional and administrative law), each with its historical, social, economic, political and philosophy-of-law background. To complete the programme, evidence must be provided of attendance of a reasonable number of classes in the compulsory subjects and key qualifications, such as negotiation management, discussion management, rhetoric, arbitration, mediation, interrogation studies, communication skills.

The focus of assignments and evaluation will be a legal understanding and the ability to work methodically. The university examination covering special subjects addresses an area chosen by the candidate that he or she has studied for at least 16 hours per week. During the programme, students must acquire and provide evidence of subject-related foreign-language skills. During university vacations, every student must attend three months overall of practical study courses (one month each of civil judicature, criminal judicature and administration).

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