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Study opportunities

Global Studies


Master of Arts (M.A.)


Six-semester bachelor programme in a historical, cultural , economiccs or social science subject, knowledge of English to level B2 or UNIcert-Level II and one other modern language to level A2


The aim is to provide students with an interdisciplinary and international study programme that enables them to address - in a responsible way and at a scientific level - globalisation and the processes accompanying it in the countries of the North and those of the south, and work independently in this subject area. On successful completion of this programme, students should have developed their academic abilities to the extent necessary to qualify for a Ph.D. programme or to move on to a professional field, for which the programme also provides key real-world qualifications. The non-consecutive programme is divided into four sections. In the first semester, students attend three systematic introductory modules, namely “Introduction to Global History“, “Introduction to Social Science Theories of Globalisation Research“ and “Introduction to Methods of Globalisation Research“. In the third semester students complete a research internship. In addition two accompanying joint colloquia take place, which are devoted to both information on new trends and presentation of the master’s dissertations. One of the two programme years will be completed at a partner university (University of London. University of Vienna or University of Wroclaw), in accordance with the current regulations for European Master Global Studies there.

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Academic Advisor

Konstanze Klemm (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-30230
phone: +49 341 97-30230


Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy