Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

German as a Foreign Language in a German-African context (Stellenbosch University/South Africa)


Master of Arts (M.A.)


A certificate of a first professional degree in German as a Foreign Language, German Language and Literature or its international equivalents and related subjects; German C1 and English B2





This binational Master’s degree comprises content from cultural and literature studies, didactics/methodology, linguistics and applied linguistics. The study programme is meant to prepare students for professional activities based on science and will consider demands, the latest research results and current developments in helping you develop the required expertise, skills and methods. The programme’s aim is to enable its students to become independent thinkers who act responsibly and who are capable of independent and systematic scientific work. These academic skills will be useful in the professional world as well, reinforced by personal experience and further education.

This Master’s degree will offer you a wide range of career options, for example in one of the following sectors: research and teaching, education, diplomatic service, media and publishing, cultural management and exchange, international organisations, international economic relations. The programme puts particular emphasis on the development and transfer of knowledge and skills that enable you to take up work in the field of scientific and cultural exchange between the German-speaking and the African world. After completing this degree, you will be capable of critical assessment and in-depth reflection, and you will be able to apply the subject’s basic theories and methods on real-life situations. Competences already acquired in the first degree will continue to be developed, such as being able to formulate and address scientific questions (including a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective), intercultural communication and applying techniques of academic work, including research, oral and written presentation.

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