Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

Intercultural Communication and Translation Czech – German


Bachelor of Arts. (B.A.)


modern foreign language B2; for the translational elective area, a proof of skill in the respective language is required: English: English B2; French: French B1; Russian: Russian B1; Spanish: Spanish B1. Knowledge of the Czech language is not required, as the different courses of study will address the needs of both students with and without prior knowledge


This collaboration programme between the Institute of Slavonic Studies, the Institute of Applied Linguistics and Translatology (Leipzig University) and the Institute of Translatology (Charles University Prague) offers its students not only language skills in Czech and German, but also a solid basis for translation. The programme’s aim is to train future translators working with the language pair Czech – German/German – Czech and to help them acquire methods to overcome problems that arise during a translation. Student outcomes will include using the proper means of expression in the respective working languages, acquiring methodical and theoretical expertise to overcome typical translation problems, and the ability to solve academic and practical problems autonomously with emphasis on technical and/or vocational approaches. Other important aspects include understanding the cultural context and characteristics relevant for translation and interpretation, adopting terminological and lexicographical working methods and working with professional tools.
Students who begin their studies in Leipzig will spend the first two years at their home university and the final year at the Charles University Prague. Additionally, they will spend four semesters working with fellow students from Prague in language learning tandems in Leipzig and Prague. Studying together expands and develops the students’ language and culture competence.
The partner universities will accept successfully completed courses, so the stay abroad has no adverse influence on the length of study. Special scholarships are available to make going abroad easier as well. Upon completing the programme, both universities will award a so-called “double degree” – a unique qualification for the labour market in the Czech-German border region and the European Union.

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Academic Advisor

Prof.Dr.habil. Danuta Rytel-Schwarz (Bachelor)
phone: +49 341 97-37476


Faculty of Philology