Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

Translation Arabic-German


Master of Arts (M.A.)


proof of skill in German and Arabic C1


The master programme in Translation Arabic-German prepares students for working in the field of specialist intercultural communication in professional translating, teaching and research, with focus either on research (Applied Linguistics and Translatology) or on working as a professional translator (Translation). The subject of the programme is teaching skills enabling the student to master typical problems in translation and specialist intercultural communication. According to the European Commission’s EMT profile of competences (Directorate-General for Translation), these are as follows:
- language competence
- intercultural competence
- information mining competence
- thematic competence
- technological competence
- translation service provision competence
The programme does not only involve practical exercises of translation from Arabic to German and vice versa, but also required courses on topics of theoretical and practical impact such as: working academically, linguistics, translation studies, translation as intercultural communication, terminology and terminography, project and translation management, translation tools, documentation and translation quality, the situation on the labour market, and standard prices. The programme is also offering required electives on interpreting studies, rhetoric, consecutive interpreting, note-taking techniques, German-Arabic legal terminology and issues to do with Islamic law.

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last update: 19.03.2018 

Academic Advisor

Prof.Dr.phil.habil. Eckehard Schulz (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-37202


Faculty of Philology