Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

Transcultural Theatre Studies. History-Theory-Practice


Master of Arts (M.A.)


Bachelor degree in Theatre Studies or a related subject, with at least 60 credits having been successfully acquired in the subject Theatre Studies; work experience placement of at least two months related to the profession. or multiple work experience placements (mandatory placements from the first degree can be included here); English at B2 level and another modern foreign language at B1 level or English at B2 level and Latinum


With its transcultural perspective, this consecutive master programme offers a deepening of the knowledge and methods already acquired in the field of Theatre Studies in order to qualify students for a wide range of practical professional fields as well as for an academic career. This is based on the combination of contemporary theatre and theatre history as well as the close interpenetration of theory and praxis. In line with the concept of transculturality, theatrical practices, patterns of action, body images, media and institutions in European and non-European cultures are examined in terms of their history and in relation to each other.

At the beginning of the programme, students can choose either a more research-oriented or application-oriented specialisation. Taking into account practical theatrical experiences, the research-oriented specialisation deals with subjects, methods and issues in transcultural theatrical knowledge, preparing students for professions based on theory and analysis or for further academic research (for example a PhD). Beginning with an academic, theoretical basis, the application-oriented specialisation permits an in-depth examination of transcultural theatrical praxis and independent experimentation, in turn preparing students for work in corresponding areas – including in an international setting. This is based in particular on collaboration with theatres and cultural facilities in the context of the Centre of Competence for Theatre (CCT).



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Academic Advisor

Ingo Rekatzky (Master)


Faculty of History, Arts and Oriental Studies