Study opportunities  

Study opportunities

Professional Development in Early Childhood Education



- degree in the field of early childhood education or a related subject (e.g. pedagogy and educational sciences, social sciences, teaching, social work/social pedagogy)

- proof of at least 60 credits' worth of courses related to pedagogical, psychological and/or sociological approaches to education and development in childhood

- where applicable, proof of vocational training of relevance to the study programme, voluntary internships or similar activities related to the intended course of study

- proficiency in English at B2 level


With its focus on elementary didactics, this highly application-oriented, two-year master study programme is unlike any other in Germany, offering a unique curriculum that covers subjects such as cognitive and psychosocial development and psychopathological development processes, dealing with diversity and designing elementary didactic measures in early childhood education, team and organisational development, personal and group-specific consultations, the development of further training concepts for specialists, institutional quality development and ontogenesis of psychological (learning) mechanisms.By acquiring application-oriented research competence in the field of early childhood education, it lays the foundations for scientific qualification, in both the didactic design of learning and educational processes of children in early childhood in the context of preparing for the primary school years as well as in the consultation, education and training of specialists and in heading organisations in the educational and social sector. The study programme is based on a sound professionalisation of specialists and managers in the occupational field of early education. Spanning four semesters (120 ECTS), the curriculum of this study programme reflects a wide range of subjects:

· elementary didactics

· early education and childhood research

· learning and teaching in the context of early education

· interaction quality and analysis

· pedagogical quality in institutions of early education

· sustainable didactics

· leadership, team and quality development and professionalism

· socioemotional competence in child development

· health and well-being

· consulting and negotiating

· research methodology

The master study programme "Professional Development in Early Childhood Education" qualifies graduates for senior, advisory and research roles at institutions that shape, control or administer (early) childhood education. This includes the professional fields of specialist, practical and organisational consultancy, teaching at vocational schools and universities, managing children's day care facilities and areas of work within specialist administrations, agencies and youth welfare offices. Further qualification in the research field is also possible (doctorate).

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Academic Advisor

Prof.Dr.phil. Susanne Viernickel (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-31891

Dr. phil. Manuela Missana (Master)
phone: +49 341 97-31878


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