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Erasmus Mundus

Erasmus Mundus

A premium product of international cooperation

Since 2004, European universities have been encouraged to develop the internationalisation of their study programmes through the European excellence programme, Erasmus Mundus. Erasmus Mundus is the joint EU action programme for improving the quality of university education and promoting intercultural understanding through cooperation with countries outside the EU. The programme aims at establishing common master study programmes, courses and doctoral programmes with foreign partner universities.

Leipzig University is participating exceptionally successfully in the individual measures. The EU-sponsored and DAAD-honoured master study programme "Global Studies – A European Perspective", which was successfully established at Leipzig University in 2005, will receive the highly remunerative Erasmus Mundus sponsorship for a further five years, starting with the winter semester 2010/2011. This master study programme is setting benchmarks based not only on qualitative excellence but also based on the quality of the coordination between the consortium’s five European universities.
Equally encouraging is Leipzig University’s partnership in the Erasmus Mundus master study programme "Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry", conceived by the Utrecht Network and coordinated by the Université de Lille.

In the summer semester 2011, the Faculty of Sports Science will receive, for the first time, 25 students from all over the world for the new Erasmus Mundus study programme “EMSEP - Sport and Exercise Psychology”.
Two new Erasmus Mundus projects will join the three “old” projects already successfully running in the social sciences, chemistry, and sports science. The mobility project “Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Network” is coordinated by the Graduate Centre Life Sciences, which is part of the Leipzig Research Academy, and has non-European partners in Canada and the USA. The second project, which is centrally administered at Leipzig University by the International Centre, promotes the mobility of postgraduate students between South African and European universities.

All these successes demonstrate the attractiveness of Leipzig University within the European university landscape. In accordance with the university motto “A tradition of crossing boundaries”, active participation in the development of a cohesive yet diverse European Higher Education Area is given high priority.

We hope for many further projects and fruitful collaboration with our international university partners.

last update: 07.12.2016 


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Anne Vorpagel