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Erasmus Mundus

Europe & South Africa Partnership for Human Development (EUROSA)

EUROSA was selected for a 4-year funding opportunity from Erasmus Mundus in 2010. The consortium was selected again in the second and third funding round, to continue until 2015. The network is coordinated by the University of Antwerp in Belgium and the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in South Africa, and supported by eighteen partners altogether in Europe and South Africa.

EUROSA enables South Africans to spend some time at European partner institutions, in order to compare their home structures and management approaches to the ones of the host university. The exchange takes place on the master, doctoral, and staff levels. Thus, the project supports capacity building and human development in South Africa. In return, the European partners gain new perspectives and insights into their partner institutions by hosting their representatives. The project especially encourages the participation of historically disadvantaged students and staff members. It thereby aims to redress past imbalances.

EUROSA covers nearly all fields of study, and focuses on short-term mobility
in Europe. Nearly all candidates nominated return to South Africa to graduate.

The European partnership includes:

South African partnership includes:

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