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Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials Leipzig (KKSL)

Head Professor Dr. Markus Löffler

Fakulty of Medicine
Institute of Medical Informatics, Statistics and Epidemiology

Prager Straße 34, 04317 Leipzig
(03 41) 97 25 610
(03 41) 97 25 619

The Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials Leipzig has started to operate on October 1st, 1999.

The Centre has a budget of about DM8.5 millions for the next six years, financed by the Federal Ministry for Education, Science, and Research, the Medical Faculty and other sources. The staff (12 people) is made up of medical doctors, pharmacologists, statisticians, information scientists, psychologists and administrative personnel.

The goal of this program of the Federal Ministry is the creation of model structures aiming at the improvement of the quality of clinical trials. The Coordination Centre in Leipzig has the additional tasks to increase the competitiveness of the University Clinic at a national level, to support the scientific cooperation with the hospitals of the region and to offer to patients new treatment possibilities.

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