Research group leaders at the BBZ: Dr. Maria Fedorova  

Research group
leaders at the BBZ:
Dr. Maria Fedorova


Fedorova M., Bollineni R.C., Hoffmann R.
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Bollineni R.C.,  Hoffmann R. , Fedorova M.
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Todorovski T., Fedorova M., Hoffmann R.
Identification of isomeric 5-hydroxytryptophan- and oxindolylalanine-containing peptides by mass spectrometry. J. Mass Spectrom. (2012) 47(4): 453-459

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Fedorova M. , Kuleva N. , Hoffmann R.
Reversible and irreversible modifications of skeletal muscle proteins in a rat model of acute oxidative stress. Biochem. Biophys. Acta, 1792 (2009) 1185-93.    

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