Research group leaders at the BBZ: Dr. Maria Fedorova  

Research group
leaders at the BBZ:
Dr. Maria Fedorova

Research Topics

The aims of our research is to establish a novel analytical platform to identify oxidized lipids in body fluids, organs and tissues for both biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics. Thus the current lipidomics technology will be extended to lipid modifications, produced by reactive oxygen species (ROS) during oxidative stress, inflammation, aging etc. It is generally accepted and in some cases already proven that these complex oxidative reactions are linked to many slowly progressing diseases including, the so-called lifestyle and age-related diseases. These processes affect all cellular compartments and all classes of biomolecules. Thereby, systemic complications in sicken people can be triggered by lipid peroxidation. As the clinical symptoms cannot be linked to a certain disease, these diseases are difficult to diagnose and treat. Within the wide range of compounds generated during oxidation of lipids, the lipid peroxidation products (LPP) containing reactive carbonyl groups (i.e. aldehydes and ketons) are of special interest due to their increased reactivity towards amino and thiol groups, for example, in proteins. These carbonyl-containing LPP can alter protein functions and also interact with numerous pattern recognition receptors of the innate immune system and thus can induce neuroinflammation. To conduct these analyses in complex biological samples with the desired sensitivity, specificity and high throughput, it is necessary to develop a novel and unique technology called ‘oxolipidomics’ that relies on mass spectrometry.

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