Forschungsgruppen- leiter am BBZ:  Prof. Dr. Mareike Zink  

leiter am BBZ:
Prof. Dr. Mareike Zink


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Peer-review Publikationen

S. Kallendrusch, F. Merz, I. Bechmann, S.G. Mayr, M. Zink
Long-Term Tissue Culture of Adult Brain and Spleen Slices on Nanostructured Scaffolds”,
Advanced Healthcare Materials, (2017)
DOI: 10.1002/adhm.201601336

B. Heyart, A. Weidt, E.I. Wisotzki, M. Zink, S.G. Mayr
Micropatterning of reagent-free, high energy crosslinked gelatin hydrogels for bioapplications”,
J Biomed Mater Res B Appl Biomater, (2017)
DOI: 10.1002/jbm.b.33849

S. M. Rahman, A. Reichenbach, M. Zink*,#, S. G. Mayr*
“Mechanical spectroscopy of retina explants at the protein level employing nanostructured scaffolds”, Soft Matter (2016),
DOI: 10.1039/c6sm00293e
*contributed equally, #corresponding author

E.I. Wisotzki, R. P. Friedrich,  A. Weidt, C. Alexiou, S. G. Mayr, M. Zink
“Cellular Response to Reagent-Free Electron-Irradiated Gelatin Hydrogels.
Macromolecular Bioscience, (2016)
DOI: 10.1002/mabi.201500408

A. C. De Luca, M. Zink, A. Weidt, S. G. Mayr, A. E. Markaki
“Effect of microgrooved surface topography on osteoblast maturation and protein adsorption.” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 103, Issue 8, 2689-2700 (2015)

U. Allenstein, S. G. Mayr, M. Zink
Contractile cell forces deform macroscopic cantilevers and quantify biomaterial performance.” Soft Matter 11, Issue 25, 5053-5059 (2015)

U. Allenstein, S. Selle, M. Tadsen, C. Patzig, T. Höche, M. Zink, S. G. Mayr
Coupling of Metals and Biominerals: Characterizing the Interface between Ferromagnetic Shape-Memory Alloys and Hydroxyapatite.” ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7, Issue 28, 15331–15338 (2015)

C. Händel, S. Schmidt, J. Schiller, U. Dietrich, T. Möhn, T. Kießling, S. Pawlizak, A. Fritsch, L.-C. Horn, S. Briest, M. Höckel, M. Zink, J. Käs
“Cell membrane softening in human breast and cervical cancer cells.” New Journal of Physics 17, 083008 (2015)

S. Pawlizak, A. W. Fritsch, S. Grosser, D. Ahrens, T. Thalheim, S. Riedel, T. R. Kießling, L. Oswald, M. Zink, M. L. Manning, J. A. Käs
“Testing the differential adhesion hypothesis across the epithelial-mesenchymal transition.” New Journal of Physics 17, 083049 (2015)

M. Gyger, R. Stange, T. Kießling, A. Fritsch, K. B. Kostelnik , A. G. Beck-Sickinger, M. Zink and Josef A. Käs
“Active contractions in single suspended cells”, European Biophysics Journal 43, Issue 1, 11–23 (2014).

E. I. Wisotzki, M. Hennes, C. Schuldt, F. Engert, W. Knolle, U. Decker, J. A. Käs, M. Zink, S. G. Mayr
“Tailoring the material properties of gelatin hydrogels by high energy electron irradiation”, Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2, 4297-4309 (2014).

E. Warmt, T. R. Kießling, R. Stange, A. W. Fritsch, M. Zink, J. A. Käs
“Thermal instability of cell nuclei”, New Journal of Physics 16, 073009 (2014).

M. Zink, S. G. Mayr
"Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys: synthesis, characterisation and biocompatibility of Fe–Pd for mechanical coupling to cells”, Materials Science and Technology 30, 1579-1589 (2014). (Invited Paper)

U. Allenstein, F. Szillat, A. Weidt, M. Zink, S.G. Mayr
“Interfacing hard and living matter: plasma-assembled proteins on inorganic functional materials for enhanced coupling to cells and tissue”, Journal of Materials Chemistry B  2, Issue 44, 7739-7746 (2014)

U. Allenstein, Y. Ma, A. Arabi-Hashemi, M. Zink* and S. G. Mayr
Fe-Pd based ferromagnetic shape memory actuators for medical applications: biocompatibility, effect of surface roughness and protein coatings, Acta Biomaterialia 9, 5845–5853 (2013).
*corresponding author

M. Zink, F. Szillat, U. and S. G. Mayr
Interaction of ferromagnetic shape memory alloys and RGD peptides for mechanical coupling to cells – from ab-initio calculations to cell studies, Advanced Functional Materials 23, 1383–1391 (2013).

K. D. Nnetu, M. Knorr, J. A. Käs and M. Zink
The impact of jamming on boundaries of collectively moving weak-interacting cells, New Journal of Physics 14, 115012 (2012).

M. Martin, K. Müller, C. Cadenas, M. Hermes, M. Zink, J. G. Hengstler and J. A. Käs
ERBB2 overexpression triggers transient high mechanoactivity of breast tumor cells, Cytoskeleton, Cytoskeleton 69, 267–277 (2012).

K. D. Nnetu, M. Knorr, D. Strehle, M. Zink and J. A. Käs
Directed persistent motions maintain sheet integrity during multi-cellular spreading and migration, Soft Matter 8, 6913-6921 (2012).

V. Dallacasagrande*, M. Zink*,+, S. Huth, A. Jakob, M. Müller, A. Reichenbach, J. A. Käs and S. G. Mayr+
Tailoring Substrates for Long-Term Organotypic Culture of Adult Neuronal Tissue, Advanced Materials 24, 2399–2403 (2012). (Frontispiece) *contributed equally, +corresponding author

C. Kappel, N. Dölker, R. Kumar, M. Zink, U. Zachariae and H. Grubmüller
Universal relaxation governs non-equilibrium elasticity of biomolecules, Physical Review Letters 109, 118304 (2012).

F. Wetzel, S. Rönicke, K. Müller, M. Gyger, D. Rose, M. Zink and J. A. Käs
Single cell viability and impact of heating by laser absorption, European Biophysics Journal 40, 1109-1114 (2011)

M. Gyger, D. Rose, R. Stange, M. Zink, B. Fabry and J. A. Käs
Calcium imaging in the Optical Stretcher, Optics Express 19, 19212-19222 (2011)

Y. Ma, M. Zink*, and S. G. Mayr
Biocompatibility of single crystalline Fe-Pd ferromagnetic shape memory films, Appl. Phys. Lett. 96(21):213703 (2010) *corresponding author

A. Fritsch, M. Höckel, T. Kiessling, A. Niendorf, D. Nnetu, F. Wetzel, M. Zink, and J. Käs
Are biomechanical changes necessary for tumor progression? Nature Phys. 6:730 (2010)

M. Zink and H. Grubmüller
Primary changes of the mechanical properties of Southern Bean Mosaic Virus upon calcium removal, Biophys J. 98: 687–695 (2010)

M. Zink and H. Grubmüller
“Mechanical properties of the icosahedral shell of Southern Bean Mosaic Virus – A molecular dynamics study”, Biophys J.
96(4): 1350-63 (2009)

M. Zink, K. Samwer, W. L. Johnson and S. G. Mayr
“The universal size of shear transformation zones in bulk metallic lasses”, Phys. Rev. B
73, 172203 (2006)

M. Zink, K. Samwer, W. J. Johnson and S. G. Mayr
“Validity of temperature and time equivalence in metallic glasses during shear transformation”, Phys. Rev. B
74, 012201 (2006) 

Non-peer-review Publikationen

M. Zink and J. Käs
„Der optical stretcher — kontaktfreie Messung der Zellmechanik”, BIOspektrum, 18(5), 490-492 (2012).

M. Zink, A. Fritsch, F. Wetzel, K. D. Nnetu, T. Kießling, J. A. Käs
"Probing the physics of tumor cells from mechanical perspectives", Cell News
- Newsletter of the German Society for Cell Biology, Volume 36, 17-21 (4/2010) (Invited Paper)

M. Zink and H. Grubmüller
"Simulation of a complete viral shell", InSide – Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland
, Juni 2009, Invited Paper


M. Zink
Chapter 1: Biocompatibility of thin films in “Thin films and Coating in Biological Applications” edited by S. Nazarpour (Quebec, Canada), Springer-Verlag, Serie “Biological and medical physics - biomedical engineering series” (2014)

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