Erasmus Mundus  

Erasmus Mundus

Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry (ASC)

The ASC Master Programme develops technical and scientific competencies in modern spectroscopy for a broad range of chemical applications. This programme is recommended for students with relevant chemistry or related experiences, who will benefit from interactions with classmates of similar or different backgrounds. They will take courses in English, and enjoy a cultural immersion in a minimum of two different European countries.

The Partner Universities include:

ASC has been awarded the Chemistry Euromaster® Label delivered by the ECTNA network as a Master Course fitting their High Quality criteria.
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ECTNA, the Eurolabels and the  Chemistry "Euromaster".

Call for application

ASC and the Erasmus Mundus scholarship that covers for the complete tuition fee and does also provide a monthly living allowance

Application deadlines:

  • 15.01.2012 for NON- EU (third country) students applying for an ERASMUS MUNDUS Scholarship
  • 15.01.2011 for EU students applying for an ERASMUS MUNDUS Scholarship
  • 31.05.2012 for Students applying for programme admittance only NOT seeking an ERASMUS MUNDUS Scholarship

Detailed information on how to apply

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