Anand Kumar MBBS, PhD

Alexander von Humboldt Researcher
University of Leipzig
Faculty of Medicine
Härtelstraße 16-18
04107 Leipzig
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Older email:

Awards and Funding

1. Alexander von Humboldt fellowship awarded in March 2004 by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation established by the Federal Republic of Germany for Medical and Biomedical knowledge representation, Data models and Ontologies.

2. Member of Network of Excellence (NoE) project "Semanticmining" funded by the European Union in the Sixth Framework.

3. Member of the project "Forms of Life" sponsored by the Volkswagen Foundation.


Clinical Practice Guidelines

1. Kumar A, Smith B, Pisanelli M, Gangemi A, Stefanelli M. Clinical Guidelines as Plans: An Ontological Theory. Methods of Information in Medicine. (In press)

2. Kumar A, Ciccarese P, Smith B, Piazza M. Context-Based Task Ontologies for Clinical Guidelines ; in: Pisanelli, Domenico M. (ed.): Ontologies in Medicine: Proceedings of the Workshop on Medical Ontologies, Rome, October 2003. IOS Press, Amsterdam.

3. Kumar A, Smith B, Pisanelli M, Gangemi A, Stefanelli M. A General Framework for Implementation of Clinical Guidelines by Healthcare Organizations; in: Pisanelli, Domenico M. (ed.): Ontologies in Medicine: Proceedings of the Workshop on Medical Ontologies, Rome, October 2003. IOS Press, Amsterdam.

4. Mor Peleg, Samson Tu, Jonathan Bury, Paulo Ciccarese, John Fox, Robert A. Greenes, Richard Hall, Peter D. Johnson, Neill Jones, Anand Kumar, Silvia Miksch, Silvana Quaglini, Andreas Seyfang, Edward H. Shortliffe, and Mario Stefanelli. Comparing models of decision and action for guideline-based decision support: a case-study approach ; J Am Med Inform Assoc. 2003 Jan-Feb;10(1):52-68. ISSN print 1067-5027 ISSN online 1527-974X

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Biomedical Ontologies

10. Kumar A, Smith B. Oncology Ontology in the NCI Thesaurus. AIME 2005. Aberdeen, UK. (accepted)

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36. Kumar A. Review of Different Aspects of Bioterrorism for a comprehensive medical informatics-telemedicine system. Technology and Health Care. 11; 2003 (Nov 5) :335-336. ISSN 0928-7329

Public Health Informatics and Ontologies

37. Koskova P, Kumar A, Roy A, Weinberg J, Madle G, Carson E. Ontological Principles of Disease Management from Public Health Perspective: a TB Case Study. Healthcare Digital Libraries Workshop 2004. (Accepted)

Memberships and Interest Groups

American Medical Informatics Association AMIA
Health Level 7 HL7
AMIA SIGs:: Clinical Information Systems (42), Clinical Trials (43), Consumer Health Informatics (08), Dental (04), Education (01), Genomics (44), Nursing (02), People and Organizational Issues (38), Prevention & Public Health (41), Primary Care Informatics (10), Quality Improvement (45), Student (11), Formal (Bio)Medical Knowledge Representation (46), Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining (05), Mobile Computing (07), Natural Language Processing (14), Telehealth (40)
HL7 SIGs:: Electronic Health Records, Decision Support, Clinical Genomics, Patient Care, Clinical Vocabulary
Gene Ontology Consortium GO
Protégé Protégé
eVoc Ontologies eVoc
Bioperl Bioperl
BioJava BioJava


My name (or full name) is a very common name to be searched directly on Pubmed. I believe it is because of the fact that this name is used very commonly in India, where I was born. Some say "It might be in the name", may be, who knows!

If you would like to browse my publications on Pubmed, you would need to try "Kumar Quaglini" or "Kumar Stefanelli", my surname with that of my PhD guides, Dr. Silvana Quaglini. and Dr. Mario Stefanelli

My publications on University of Trier website can be found here. You could try "Kumar Smith" on Uni Trier website too, Smith being the last name of my current guide Dr. Barry Smith

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