Research in Leipzig  

Research in Leipzig

Leipzig University - a Place for Research and Researchers

Leipzig University is interested in all kinds of Horizon 2020 projects. If you are interested in writing an application for an ERC grant or a Marie Curie Action, we would be happy to support your application by being your host institution.

Leipzig University as Host Institution

First of all, check out our expertise in your research area. Given the broad range of research undertaken at the university, it is very likely that you will find a highly qualified senior co-investigator who could support your application. If you find a potential co-investigator, please contact him/her or the EU project officers. We will be happy to work with you to develop your ideas into a good joint application and go all the way to a successful project.

Leipzig Research Community

Leipzig University was founded in 1409. It is not only one of the oldest universities in Germany, but also one of the biggest (about 30,000 students) offering the full range of topics. In various fields we make significant contributions that are recognized internationally.

Leipzig University is the center of an excellent research environment based in the city of Leipzig. Our researchers regularly cooperate with prestigious research institutes supported by the Max Planck, Helmholtz, Leibniz and Fraunhofer Societies located just a stone’s throw away from the University institutes. This is a unique set-up and means you will join a dynamic research community!

Leipzig - a place to be

Life is more than work! Leipzig offers you a high level of living quality. The city of Bach has a world class symphonic orchestra (Gewandhausorchester). There are also many theatres, museums, galleries and a lively alternative scene. It is surrounded by lakes and a green scenary just a bike-ride away from the city center.

Become Part of it

If we have made you curious and you have a good idea for a project, then contact us! We are looking forward supporting you! 

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