German as a Foreign and Second Language in the Vietnamese-German Context with the University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS) of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)


Master of Arts (M.A.)


first professional-level degreein the subjects German as a Foreign Language (Bachelor, Magister Artium), German Language and Literature (Bachelor, Magister Artium, 1st State Examination)or their international equivalents or related subjects


The binational master degree includes compulsory content from the fields of cultural and literary studies, didactics/methodology, linguistics and applied linguistics. The study programme is intended to prepare students for academically based professional activities and to provide them with the knowledge, skills and methods they need in such a way as to enable them to work autonomously in a scientific and systematic manner, to think independently, and to behave responsibly, all the while taking into account specific requirements, the latest research results and current developments. The aim is for their academic competences to be developed throughout the course of the programme so that these are of use afterwards and can be deepened through the graduate’s own experience and further education. The programme is oriented towards working in a wide range of professional fields, e.g. in research and teaching, education, foreign affairs, media and publishing, cultural management and cultural exchange, international organisations, and international business relations. A special emphasis is placed on imparting knowledge and skills that enable students to work in the field of scientific and cultural exchange between German-speaking countries and Vietnam.

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