Dr Kathrin Landgraf receives the award for best abstract from conference president Professor Stephan Herzig and Professor Christian Wolfrum, editor of the journal Molecular Metabolism. Photo: HMGU © Helmholtz Zentrum München, Jan Roeder

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Obesity gene TMEM18 can influence the development of body fat in humans

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The team of authors (f.l.t.r.): Prof Martin Quaas, Prof Menusch Khadjavi and Prof Moritz Drupp (Picture: Stefan Baumgärtner)

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German fishermen’s scepticism towards EU impedes compliance with its regulations

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Fluorescence image of a tumour front of the cervix. Cell nuclei are shown in blue and dividing cells in green. Tumour cells, marked in red, infiltrate and suppress healthy tissue. Photo: Leipzig University Hospital

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Researchers develop tumour growth roadmap

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Our Courses

Choose from a wide range of over 150 courses of study and find the right degree for you. We offer a broad selection of disciplines, from the natural sciences, law and medicine to the humanities.

Lots of visitors to Leipzig University’s open day inside the Paulinum
Students with computers inside the lecture hall building
Graduate jumping for joy

Research at Leipzig University

On our path to becoming a leading European university, we can rely on a diverse range of subjects and an approach that crosses disciplinary and institutional boundaries. We are concentrating our research strengths in three strategic research fields and their nine research profile areas.

Weizenähren im Sonnenuntergangslicht

Strategic Research Fields

These research fields are our gateway to the region’s scientific institutions: “Changed order in a globalised world”, “Intelligent methods and materials” and “Sustainable principles for life and health”.

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Grafik zum Forschungsprofilbereich „Zivilisationserkrankungen“
Image: Daniel Janetzki/Visionauten
Emblematische Grafik für das Forschungsprofilfeld "Nachhaltige Systeme und Biodiversität"
Image: Daniel Janetzki/Visionauten
Grafik zum Forschungsprofilbereich „Mensch und Gehirn“
Grafik des Forschungsprofilbereichs „Komplexe Materie“
Grafik zum Forschungsprofilbereich „Sprache und Kultur im digitalen Zeitalter“

The University at a Glance

Our university was founded in 1409 and is one of Germany’s leading universities when it comes to top-class research and medical expertise. It offers a unique variety of subjects, from the humanities and social sciences to the natural and life sciences.

360° campus tour of Leipzig University

360° campus tour of Leipzig University

Experience Leipzig University in a 360° video: with our virtual campus tour, you can take a look around various parts of the University from the comfort of your own home. Left, right, up, down – have a look in all directions and discover the campus in a panoramic view. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or PC. Off you go!

A Tradition of Diversity

We have a tradition of diversity; one that began more than six centuries ago. We promote international cooperation in teaching and research at our 14 faculties and over 130 institutes.  











degree programmes

History of our University

Our university has been making history for over 600 years. Read about the most important historical milestones of one of Germany’s oldest universities, from its foundation in 1409 to the opening in 2017 of the Paulinum – Assembly Hall and University Church of St. Paul. The selected milestones in the University’s history reflect six centuries of political and social change.

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View of the vault inside the Paulinum – Assembly Hall and University Church of St. Paul. Photo: Steffen Spitzner

Modern university, long tradition

Our university is among the oldest in Europe. Many world-renowned figures taught or studied here. Leipzig has also frequently been the source of major development in the sciences. A member of the German U15 network, today we are one of the country’s leading universities when it comes to top-class research and medical expertise.

A cosmopolitan and modern comprehensive university, we offer more than 150 degree programme in disciplines from the natural sciences, law and medicine to the humanities and social sciences. We are concentrating our research strengths in the three strategic research fields “Changed order in a globalised world”, “Intelligent methods and materials” and “Sustainable principles for life and health”.

We aspire to be one of the leading institutions of higher learning in Germany. To achieve this goal, in 2018 Leipzig presented a university development plan that describes our strategic goals up to the year 2025 in research, teaching, transfer and administration as well as in the fields of internationalisation, equality and diversity, and digitisation. This strategy revolves around the motto “The Leipzig Way” and aims at interdisciplinarity and the formation of alliances.

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Blick auf die Büste des Alumnus Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz im Foyer des Neuen Agustueums
Ein Kompass lehnt an einem Fenster

An International University

Leipzig University’s outstanding international profile in teaching and research makes it one of the most outward-looking higher education institutions in Germany.

International Profile

Our university is promoting the internationalisation of teaching through study and doctoral programmes with foreign partner institutions, the targeted expansion of worldwide mobility, and by strengthening international research alliances.

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Several pillars form the basis of Leipzig University’s transfer strategy: “Applying knowledge”, “Imparting knowledge”, “Consulting” and “Communicating knowledge”.

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Leipzig University on social media

Social networks are a great way to find out what’s new at Leipzig University. You can find our official pages and channels here.

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