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Brain Dynamics Graduate School is happy to announce a new online talk in our Seminar Series:

  • Prof. Dr. Ruth Stassart

    Remyelination and Nerve Repair, Paul Flechsig Institute of Neuropathology, University Hospital Leipzig
    "Repair strategies in diseases of the peripheral nervous system"
    25th March 2022, 12:00

    Zoom Meeting (https://uni-leipzig.zoom.us/j/64921975657?pwd=WjFFdiswMHRLVGplQTJIWkEzNkRkZz09
    Meeting ID: 649 2197 5657; Passcode: 727456)



The adult mammalian peripheral nervous system (PNS) harbors an exceptional plasticity, which allows the successful regeneration of axons and a subsequent functional recovery. Nerve repair is realized by a transdifferentiation of PNS glial cells, the Schwann cells, which guide axonal regrowth and restore the electrically insulating myelin sheath necessary for rapid impulse propagation. Our research focusses on the molecular mechanisms and cellular interactions that orchestrate peripheral nerve regeneration. We envision that the response of Schwann cells and axons to acute nerve injury is likewise integral part of chronic peripheral nerve diseases, such as hereditary neuropathies. Translation of the evolutionary conserved repair strategy of acutely injured nerves towards chronic myelin diseases such as hereditary peripheral neuropathies helps us to identify pathomechanistic disease pathways and new therapeutic targets that promote nerve integrity and function.

CV Prof. Stassart