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Brain Dynamics Graduate School is happy to announce a new online talk in our Seminar Series:

  • Prof. Dr. D. Phil. (Oxon) Tobias Langenhan
    ­Rudolf Schönheimer Institute of Biochemistry, Medical Faculty, University Leipzig
    "Molecular signalling at and across the synapse"
    20th May 2022, 12:00

    Zoom Meeting (https://uni-leipzig.zoom.us/j/65867938132?pwd=U3NJd2tnNE82T0lFZ1MxUlRDTEtMZz09
    Meeting ID: 658 6793 8132

    Passcode: 660352)



Synaptic cleft architecture is a regulated parameter, which actively shapes synaptic transmission and is thus actively controlled by molecular and cellular mechanisms. Although our knowledge about the molecular composition of the cleft matrix is still limited, several molecules have been implicated such as trans-synaptic cell-adhesion molecules (including neurexins, neuroligins, latrophilins, dystroglycan, neuroexophilins), extracellular matrix molecules and several post-synaptic receptor types (Südhof, 2018). I will discuss how these molecules are employed to shape synaptic layouts, how this impacts synaptic function, and which questions should be tackled in future research projects on this topic.

CV Prof. Langenhan