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A visit to the "good room" of Alma Mater Lipsiensis, the Old Senate Hall in the Rector's Office. On the occasion of this year's Women's Day, the Office for Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Family presents an exclusive half-hour concert by the Leipzig singer Laura Liebeskind for all employees of the University of Leipzig.



Dear employees of the University of Leipzig,
Dear women in teaching, research and administration,

There are many names for March 8: International Women's Day, Women's International Day of Struggle or Feminist Fight Day. What they have in common are the goals: against discrimination, against sexual harassment, against exclusion and violence against women and girls everywhere in the world.
Under this year's motto, "Each for Equal," the fight is for equal pay, political participation and self-determination.

During Corona, the double burden of work and care work became clear for many women. In this field of tension between the fight for emancipation, gender and equal opportunities, visibility and appreciation and the efforts that go along with it, the Office for Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Family would like to express its appreciation to all female employees.

That's why there's the chance for you to attend a concert by Leipzig-based musician Laura Liebeskind on March 8, 2022. Under the ongoing pandemic conditions, the concert from the Old Senate Hall will be made available via YouTube. The video can be viewed and listened to there beyond March 08. The video contains English subtitles.

"It is of course a pity that we had to refrain from a presence event this year, but with this digital concert I hope that my team and I have found an adequate alternative to express our appreciation to the female employees of the university", Georg Teichert (Equal Opportunities Officer of the University of Leipzig and Head of the Office for Equal Opportunities, Diversity & Family) comments on the event, who also opens the concert with a short speech.

We wish you a combative and joyful March 08!