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For the International Women's Day, we would like to thank you!

Dear colleagues,

on International Women's Day, we would like to thank you for all the work you do every day. You take on challenges in research, teaching and administration, while juggling your families and personal commitments. Because it is not easy to reconcile all this, your performance deserves all the more appreciation.

Reconciling family and career, care work or mental challenges: it is especially these issues that often remain hidden because they are accepted as all too understandable.

These aspects are often not visible and can be an immense burden. We encourage you to address these issues and use support and resources to find a healthy balance.

Let's fight together to make equality and appreciation a reality at the university workplace. This year's International Women's Day motto "Those who seek skilled workers cannot do without women." makes it clear that you are all indispensable and that your skills and talents are needed.

We thank you for your valuable work and wish you a fighting International Women's Day.

Office for Equality, Diversity and Family Affairs