Below you can find a detailed list of our publications as well as a gallery containing our published cover pictures in peer-reviewed journals.

Cover Pictures

Coverpicture J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140
Coverpicture J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018, 140
Coverpicture Chem. Eur. J. 2016, 22
Coverpicture Chem. Eur. J. 2016, 22

Publication List

51) P. D'Agostino, C. J. Seel, T. Gulder, T. A. M. Gulder; (Bio-)Synthesis of the Aquatic Phytotoxin Cyanobacterin – A Paradigm for Furanolide Core Structure Assembly; ChemRxiv 2021, DOI: 10.26434/chemrxiv.14625774.v1, Fulltext

50) D. Stierli, M. Eberle, C. Lamberth, O. Jacob, D. Balmer, T. Gulder; Quarternary a-cyanobenzylsulfonamides: a new subclass of CAA fungicides with excellent anti-Oomycetes activity; Bioorg. Med. Chem. 202130, 115965. Fulltext


49) M. Busse, J. P. Marciniszyn, S. Ferstl, M. A. Kimm, F. Pfeiffer, T. Gulder; 3D‐Non‐Destructive Imaging through Heavy Metal‐Eosin Salt Contrast Agents; Chem. Eur. J. 202127, 4561 - 4566. Fulltext


48) G. M. Kiefl; T. Gulder; α-Functionalization of Ketones via a Nitrogen Directed Oxidative Umpolung; J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2020142, 20577–20582. Fulltext



47) A. G. Collar, T. Gulder; Peptidic catalysts for macrocycle synthesis; Science 20196472, 1454. Fulltext


46) C. J. Seel, T. Gulder; Biocatalysis Fueled by Light: On the Versatile Combination of Photocatalysis and Enzymes; ChemBioChem 201915, 1871-1897. Fulltext


45) A. Andries-Ulmer, C. Brunner, J. Rehbein, T. Gulder; Fluorine as a Traceless Directing Group for the Regiodivergent Synthesis of Indoles and Tryptophans; J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018140, 13034-13041. Fulltext (with cover picture)


44) C. J. Seel, A. Králík, M. Hacker, A. Frank, B. Koenig, T. Gulder; Atom‐Economic Electron Donors for Photobiocatalytic Halogenations; ChemCatChem 201810, 3960-3963. Fulltext


43) G. K. Murphy, T. Gulder; Hypervalent Iodine Fluorination for Preparing Alkyl Fluorides (stoichiometrically and catalytically) in Synthetic Organofluorine Chemistry (Ed. J. Hu, T. Umemoto) 2018, Springer. Fulltext


42) A. M. Arnold, A. Pöthig, M. Drees, T. Gulder; NXS, Morpholine, and HFIP: The Ideal Combination for Biomimetic Haliranium-induced Polyene Cyclizations; J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2018140, 4344–4353. Fulltext (with cover picture; highlighted as JACS Spotlight)


41) C. Brunner, A. Andries-Ulmer, G. M. Kiefl, T. Gulder; Hypervalent Fluoroiodane-triggered Synthesis of Fluoro-Azabenzoxazepines and Azaindoles; Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2018, 2615-2621. Fulltext (VIP article)


40) A. Andries-Ulmer, T. Gulder; Halogenation and Halocyclization of Alkenes; Science of Synthesis: Catalytic Oxidation in Organic Synthesis20171, 389-428. Fulltext


39) R. Seupel, B. Hertlein-Amslinger, T. Gulder, P. Stawski, M. Kaiser, R. Brun, Reto, G. Bringmann; Directed Synthesis of All Four Pure Stereoisomers of the N,​C-​Coupled Naphthylisoquinoline Alkaloid Ancistrocladinium A; Org. Lett. 201616, 6508-6511. Fulltext


38) A. Frank, C. J. Seel, M. Groll, T. Gulder; Characterization of a Cyanobacterial Haloperoxidase and Evaluation of its Biocatalytic Halogenation Potential; ChemBioChem 201617, 2028-2032. Fulltext


37) S. V. Kohlhepp, T. Gulder; Hypervalent Iodine(III) Fluorinations of Alkenes and Diazo Compounds: New Opportunities in Fluorination Chemistry; Chem. Soc. Rev. 201645, 6270-6288. Fulltext (invited for 2016 Emerging Investigator Edition)


36) C. Patzelt, A. Pöthig, T. Gulder; Iodine(III)-Catalyzed Cascade Reactions Enabling a Direct Access to  β-Lactams and α-Hydroxy-β-amino Acids; Org. Lett. 201616, 3466-3469. Fulltext


35) M. Stodulski, S. V. Kohlhepp, G. Raabe, T. Gulder; Explorations on the Bis(thio)urea-Catalyzed Stereoselective Synthesis of Marinopyrrole A; Eur. J. Org. Chem. 201612, 2170-2176. Fulltext


34) A. M. Arnold, A. Ulmer, T. Gulder; Advances in Iodine(III)-Mediated Halogenations: A Versatile Tool to Explore new Reactivities and Selectivities; Chem. Eur. J. 201622, 8728-8739. Fulltext (Hot Paper with cover)


33) A. Ulmer, C. Brunner, A. M. Arnold, A. Pöthig, T. Gulder; A Fluorination/Aryl Migration/Cyclization Cascade for the Metal-free Synthesis of Fluoro Benzoxazepines; Chem. Eur. J. 201622, 3660-3664. Fulltext (Hot Paper, with cover picture, highlighted in Chem. Views Fulltext)


32) A. Ulmer, M. Stodulski, S. V. Kohlhepp, C. Patzelt, A. Pöthig, W. Bettray, T. Gulder; Iodine(III) Catalyzed Rearrangements of Imides: A Versatile Way to α,α-Dialkylated α-Hydroxy Carboxylamides; Chem. Eur. J. 201521, 1444-1448. Fulltext


31) H. Aldemir, S. Kohlhepp, T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder; On the Structure of a Putative Fluorinated Natural Product from Streptomyces sp. TC1J. Nat. Prod. 201477, 2331-2334. Fulltext


30) T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder; Biosynthesis in a Test Tube; Nachr. Chem. 201462, 1081-1084.

29) T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder; Hydrofunctionalizations with Unusual Regioselectivity; Nachr. Chem. 201462, 869-872.

28) T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder; Chemistry in Stereo: the 49th Bürgenstock Conference; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 201453, 9418–9420

27) T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder; A Sesquiterpene against Forgetfulness; Nachr. Chem. 201462, 765-768.

26) T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder; H as Leaving Group; Nachr. Chem. 201462, 534-537.

25) M. Stodulski, A. Goetzinger, S. V. Kohlhepp, T. Gulder; Halocarbocyclization versus Dihalogenation: Substituent directed Iodine(III) catalysed Halogenations; Chem. Commun. 201450, 3435-3438. Fulltext


24) T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder; Enantioselective Fluorocyclization; Nachr. Chem.2014, 62, 39-42.

23) M. Stodulski, T. Gulder; Nanoparticles and Peptides – a Fruitful Liaison for Biomimetic Catalysis; Angew. Chem.2012124, 11364-11366; Angew. Chem., Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 11202-11204. Fulltext


22) D. C. Fabry, M. Stodulski, S. Hoerner, T. Gulder; Metal-free Synthesis of 3,3-Disubstituted Oxoindoles via Iodine(III)-catalyzed Bromocarbocyclizations; Chem. Eur. J. 201218, 10834-10838. Fulltext


21) T. Gulder, P. S. Baran; Strained Cyclophane Natural Products: Macrocyclization at its Limits; Nat. Prod. Rep.201229, 899-934. Fulltext


20) A. Cecil, C. Rikanović, K. Ohlsen, C. Liang, J. Bernhardt, T. A. Oelschlaeger, T. Gulder, G. Bringmann, U. Holzgrabe, M. Unger, T. Dandekar; Modelling Antibiotic and Cytotoxic Effects of the Dimeric Isoquinoline IQ-143 on Metabolism and its Regulation in S. aureus, S. epidermidis and Human Cells; Gen. Biol. 201112, r24. Fulltext


19) G. Bringmann, T.A.M. Gulder, T. Gulder; Asymmetric Synthesis of (M)-2-Hydroxymethyl-1-(2-hydroxy-4,6-dimethylphenyl)naphthalene via a Configurationally Unstable Biaryl Lactone - Discussion Addendum; Org. Synth. 201188, 70.  Fulltext


18) G. Bringmann, T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder, M. Breuning; Atroposelective Total Synthesis of Axially Chiral Biaryl Natural Products; Chem. Rev. 2011111, 563. Fulltext


17) A. Jindaprasert, S. Samappito, K. Springob, J. Schmidt, T. Gulder, W. De-Eknamkul, G. Bringmann, T. M. Kutchan; In Vitro Plants, Callus and Root Cultures of Plumbago indica and Their Biosynthetic Potential for Plumbagin; King Mongkut´s Agro-Ind. J. 20102, 53-56.


16) G. Bringmann, S. K. Bischof, S. Müller, T. Gulder, C. Winter, A. Stich, H. Moll, K. Baumann, R. Brun; QSAR Guided Synthesis of Simplified Antiplasmodial Analogs of Naphthylisoquinoline Alkaloids; Eur. J. Med. Chem.201045, 5370-5383. Fulltext


15) G. Bringmann, T. Gulder, B. Hertlein, Y. Hemberger, F. Meyer; Total Synthesis of N,C-coupled Naphthylisoquinoline Alkaloids; J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2010132, 1151-1158. Fulltext


14) A. Ponte-Sucre, T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder, G. Vollmers, A. Stich, G. Bringmann, H. Moll; Morphological Changes Induced by Arylisoquinolines in Leishmania major Correlate with Compound Accumulation and Disposition; J. Med. Microbiol. 201059, 69-75. Fulltext


13) A. Ponte Sucre, T. Gulder, A. Wegehaupt, C. Albert, C. Rikanović, L. Schaeflein, A. Frank, M. Schultheis, U. Holzgrabe, G. Bringmann, H. Moll; Structure-Activity Relationship and Studies on the Molecular Mechanism of Leishmanicidal N,C-Coupled Arylisoquinolinium Salts; J. Med. Chem. 200953, 626-636. Fulltext 


12) G. Bringmann, T.A.M. Gulder, M. Reichert, T. Gulder; The Online Assignment of the Absolute Configuration of Natural Products: HPLC-CD in Combination with Quantum Chemical CD Calculations; Chirality 200820, 628-642. Fulltext


11) G. Bringmann, T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder; Asymmetric Synthesis of Biaryls by the 'Lactone Method' in Asymmetric Synthesis - The Essentials 2nd Edition (Eds. S. Bräse, M. Christmann), Wiley-VCH, Weinheim; 2008, 260-264.


10) G. Bringmann, J. Spuziak, J. H. Faber, T. Gulder, I. Kajahn, M. Dreyer, G. Heubl, R. Brun, V. Mudogo; Six New Naphthylisoquinoline Alkaloids and a Related Benzopyranone from a Congolese Ancistrocladus species Related to Ancistrocladus congolensis, Phytochemistry 200869, 1065-1075. Fulltext


9) G. Bringmann, Y. Haagen, T.A.M. Gulder, T. Gulder, L. Heide; Biosynthesis of the Isoprenoid Moieties of Furanonaphthoquinone I and Endophenazine A in Streptomyces cinnamonensis DSM 1042; J. Org. Chem200772, 4198-4204. Fulltext


8) G. Bringmann, T. Gulder, T.A.M. Gulder; Asymmetric Synthesis of Biaryls by the ‘Lactone Method’  in Asymmetric Synthesis - The Essentials (Eds. M. Christmann, S. Bräse); Wiley VCH-Verlag: Weinheim, 2006, 246-250.


7) G. Bringmann, T. F. Noll, T. Gulder, M. Dreyer, M. Grüne, D. Moskau; Polyketide Folding in Higher Plants: Biosynthesis of Phenylanthraquinone Knipholone; J. Org. Chem. 200772, 3247-3252. Fulltext


6) C. Anderle, S. Alt, T. Gulder, G. Bringmann, B. Kammerer, B. Gust, L. Heide; Biosynthesis of Clorobiocin: Investigation of the Transfer and Methylation of the Pyrrolyl-2-carboxyl Moiety; Arch. Microbiol. 2007187, 227-237. Fulltext


5) A. Ponte-Sucre, J. H. Faber, T. Gulder, I. Kajahn, S. E. H. Pedersen, M. Schultheis, G. Bringmann, H. Moll; Activity of Naphthylisoquinoline Alkaloids and Synthetic Analogs Against Leishmania major; Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 200751, 188-194. Fulltext


4) K. Felgentreff, C. Beisswenger, M. Griese, T. Gulder, G. Bringmann, R. Bals; The Antimicrobial Peptide Cathelicidin Interacts with Airway Mucus; Peptides 200627, 3100-3106. Fulltext


3) G. Bringmann, I. Kajahn, S. E. H. Pedersen, M. Reichert, J. H. Faber, T. Gulder, R. Brun, S. B. Christensen, A. Ponte-Sucre, H. Moll, G. Heubl, V. Mudogo; Ancistrocladinium A and B, the First N,C-coupled Naphthyldihydroisoquinoline Alkaloids from a Congolese Ancistrocladus Species; J. Org. Chem. 200671, 9348-9356. Fulltext


2) G. Bringmann, T. Gulder, M. Reichert, F. Meyer, Ancisheynine, the First N,C-Coupled Naphthylisoquinoline Alkaloid: Total Synthesis and Stereochemical Investigations; Org. Lett. 20068, 1037-1040. Fulltext


1) W. Seefelder, N. Bartke, T. Gronauer, S. Fischer, H.-U. Humpf, Structural Studies of Sphingolipids, a Class of Chemopreventive, Compounds in Food; Functional Food: Safety Aspects, Symposium, Karlsruhe, Germany, May 5-7, 2002 (2004).

G. Bringmann, T. Gulder, U. Hentschel, F. Meyer, , H. Moll, J. Morschhäuser, A. Ponte-Sucre de Vanegas, W. Ziebuhr, A. Stich, R. Brun, W.E.G. Müller, V. Mudogo; Biofilm-inhibiting Effect and Anti-infective Activity of N,C-Linked Arylisoquinolines and the Use thereof; WO Patent US WO 2008/037482 A1, issued 03.04.2008; US Patent Application US 2010/0286198 A1, issued 11.11.2010

G. Bringmann, T. Gulder, U. Hentschel, F. Meyer, , H. Moll, J. Morschhäuser, A. Ponte-Sucre de Vanegas, W. Ziebuhr, A. Stich, R. Brun, W.E.G. Müller, V. Mudogo; Preparation of Isoquinolines as Antibacterial Coating Agents; German Patent DE 10 2006 046 922 B3 2007.11.15, issued 15.11.2007.

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