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Improving medical care in her region is what graduate Diana Cárdenas is all about. She heads the oncology unit for the PACA region (Andean region, Central America, Caribbean) at the Colombian subsidiary of German Bayer AG, where she is responsible for disseminating new cancer therapies. She also laid the foundations for this at Leipzig University.

In 2009, she enrolled in the International SEPT MBA Program (Small Enterprise Promotion and Training) at Leipzig University, which she completed in 2011. "The exchange with my fellow students from a variety of countries and cultures was infinitely valuable and enriching for me. I was able to network with medical technology companies and had the great privilege of working in a startup after graduation.

The SEPT MBA in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Development is a program dedicated to conveying theoretical knowledge, application-oriented findings and practice-relevant experience with regard to the management, promotion and development of SMEs. The program focuses predominantly on economic issues encompassing successful approaches, ranging from supporting small businesses up to promoting innovative, dynamic enterprises which can deal with intelligent decision-making tools and methodologies.

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Source: Nina Vogt/Christin Kieling, Leipzig University (19.08.2021)