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Info brochure now available - apply from 02 to 31 May 2023

Detailed information on the full-time program starting in fall 2023 and current dates are now available online in the new info brochure. In a webinar on April 24, 2023, the program director Professor Dr. Ansgar Zerfaß will personally present the program and current students will answer all questions from a student perspective. All information about the webinar registration is available in the info brochure. The web video already illustrates what it means to be part of the best-known and best-rated PR degree program in the German-speaking world.

The accredited degree program in strategic communications for companies, nonprofits and other organizations is entering its next round with 30 students. The master's program in Leipzig is characterized above all by its international orientation, future focus, and application at the management level. Students get the chance to learn in an environment surrounded by the discipline's best-known researchers and to come into contact with highly respected experts from the field. Through many Erasmus partnerships with Strategic Communication programs, including those in Prague and Milan, there are opportunities for individual study abroad experiences. Each semester includes modules taught in English. With lectures on corporate communications and management as well as in-depth seminars on financial communications, nonprofit communications, internal communications, marketing communications and public affairs, the study program is broader than any other in Europe. In particular, it is up to the students to deal with the current topics of the subject and thus to individually help shape the future of the research and practice field.

We are looking for applicants with a demonstrable interest in the professional field, gained, among other things, through initial relevant professional experience (internships, voluntary work, etc.), and a solid basic academic education with a Bachelor's degree in communication studies. An interest in international research is also essential at the discipline's most research-intensive institute in Europe.

The Leipzig profile is characterized by the close interlocking of theoretical foundation, globally oriented research and special proximity to practice through project work with first-class addresses in the industry. Graduates regularly receive awards for their theses or are given the opportunity to work on projects and publish. Anyone who is considering a doctorate or has their sights set on a management position in communications management will receive excellent training in Leipzig.

The Masterclass 2023 will start in October this year. Applications are open from April 15, 2023 for those with a foreign bachelor's degree and from May 2, 2023 for those with a German bachelor's degree. Selection interviews will take place in July 2023. Details can be found in the current info brochure.

About the University of Leipzig
The Communication Management Department at the Institute of Communication and Media Studies is considered one of the leading think tanks for strategic communication in Europe. More than 89 book publications and more than 500 professional articles by the professors in several languages characterize the contribution of Leipzig PR research to the professional discourse. In the Academic Society for Corporate Management & Communication, more than 40 global companies support research in corporate communication. The Center for Research in Financial Communication bundles research and practice transfer in the subject area. These and other initiatives are organized in the Günter Thiele Foundation for Communication & Management.
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