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The "Handbuch Public Affairs: Politische Kommunikation für Unternehmen und Organisationen" (Handbook of Public Affairs: Political Communication for Companies and Organizations), edited by Ulrike Röttger (University of Münster) and Patrick Donges and Ansgar Zerfass (both from Leipzig University) for Springer, offers a comprehensive overview of principles, fields of application and instruments of political communications. It conveys fundamental know-how about the functionalities, opportunities and also risks of communication aimed at the political-administrative system and the socio-political environment. 

In 31 chapters on 612 pages, findings from various scientific disciplines such as communication science, political science, law and business administration are explained. Moreover, the representation of interests is discussed from different practical perspectives - for example, from the point of view of companies, politicians, public authorities, interest groups and also public affairs consultancies.

The handbook is a must-read for those working in the field from academia and practice as well as for students from the above-mentioned fields and related disciplines. The online edition is freely accessible via SpringerLink for students and researchers at Leipzig University Library. The hardcover book can be ordered from the publisher or from bookstores.

A big thank you goes to all authors who contributed, including our adjunct professors Christof Ehrhart and Helmuth Neupert as well as Andrea Römmele, Rudolf Speth, Juliana Raupp, Olaf Hoffjann, Irina Lock, Christiane Frantz, Annette Zimmer, Felix Krebber, Uwe Hitschfeld, Ulrich Battis, Dominik Meier, Heiko Kretschmer, Cornelius Winter, Daniel Wixforth, Birte Fähnrich, Christian P. Hoffmann, Lars Rademacher, plus many other renowned scientists and practitioners.