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Our institute is home to the newly established Emmy Noether Junior Research Group headed by Dr. Christiane Schnabel. With funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG), this group is investigating the causes of severe asthma in horses. The DFG is providing 1.7 million euros for the Junior Research Group at the University of Leipzig. The project is supported by collaborations within the University of Leipzig and with leading research groups worldwide. Dr. med. vet. Christiane Schnabel has been working as a scientist since 2011, both nationally and internationally, in immunology with a focus on the species horse.

Severe asthma is a widespread disease in horses. The exact causes of the disease in horses have not been fully researched, so that no specific therapy is available yet.

In the funded project "Antigen Identification and Characterization of Adaptive Immunity in Severe Equine Asthma" Dr. Schnabel will investigate at our institute which molecules trigger severe equine asthma and how the immune system of the affected horses reacts in such a way that the disease develops. Specific antibodies and T-cells will be evaluated in detail. These analyses allow the characterization of the crucial mechanisms of the immune response in severe equine asthma that lead to the disease. Thus, the basis can be created to enable a specific therapy of diseased horses in the future.

You are interested in participating in this research project? Then please see the job advertisement on our homepage.